Starting Heirloom Seeds…

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After 6 months of having snow on the ground, my heirloom seeds are finally planted! Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds  have the best selection on rare heirloom seeds.  I have created little greenhouses out of milk jugs. More to come once little seedlings emerge!

  • Cut milk jugs in half and create 2 slits in the bottom for drainage
  • Fill jugs with dirt (I use an old coffee can)
  • Sprinkle seeds on top or slightly below the dirt surface, as indicated on the seed packet
  • Tape up jug
  • Label jugs on bottom half
  • Place jugs in crate for easy mobility
  • Use water sprayer to hydrate seeds daily
  • Watch until sprouts are big enough to remove top half of jug
  • Transport sprouts into larger containers or plant in ground

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