Wool Jacket: Jacket Challenge

My favorite fabric store Tread Yard Goods  features all natural fibers: Silk, Wool, and Cotton. It is truly the best fabric store around. The staff is so friendly and will always give advice if needed on a project.

Last January they had a Jacket Challenge.  I have wanted to design a custom winter jacket  tailored specifically to me. Being 5′ 10″  long sleeves are hard to come by.  So the Jacket Challenge gave me the drive to actually make the coat I have always wanted.

Link to the Jacket Challenge on Treadle Yard Goods Blog: http://treadleyardgoods.blogspot.com/2010_02_01_archive.html

Here a few photos of the progress. I started with a commercial pattern and altered to my liking. You can see what the patterned looked like as another gal used the original pattern in the link above.

There were not many entries into the challenge but I was pleased with receiving 3rd place and most importantly Fan Favorite:) This truly means people loved my original design!

Creating a muslin is key when designing anything, especially if you are using beautiful expensive wool.  This allowed me to tweak the pattern after reviewing the fit on the muslin.



Back Close-up



  • Body: Wool
  • Lining: Flannel Backed Coat Lining (for extra warmth)

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