Raised Garden Bed and Bricks

This weekend has been filled with lots of decisions and beautiful things. First I met our plumber and contractor on Friday to finalize our unexpected home renovation due to ice dams this past winter. The renovation could not come soon enough after the massive storms we had this weekend. Thankfully my mom came over to get our yard nice and beautiful and more importantly get me more relaxed.

First step was to dig up the hostas along our yard. I went through two cast-off wooden handle shovels. One from each of our dad’s they deems not good enough, but passed them onto us because we did not have lawn gear. Now I know why they did not want them. So I cruised over to the hardware store and bought myself a lifetime guaranteed titanium shovel. Take that hostas!

After the success of our first raised bed, or should I say over planted first bed, my dad built me a second bed to ensure our plants have enough room to breath and grow.

Bunny proofed and planted raised garden beds, complete with a bluebird of happiness perched on the edge.

We added garden bricks to separate the grass from the backyard garden.

Complete with a pot of flowers on the rock.

Best vitamin’s for plants come from compost.

Next step…fill the empty pots with pretty flowers and herbs


2 Comments to “Raised Garden Bed and Bricks”

  1. Jess, you really make that backyard beautiful. It had so much potential, and all it needed was aome Jess-love! Looks just great!

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