Evolution of the outdoor Corner Bungalow

Can I capture this moment in time? I think our backyard looks the best it ever has. My parents are AWESOME!! After I mowed the grass with our old snapper and got mohawks…I think my parents felt a little pity on me. This past Sunday they came over with their shiny red mower, weed whipper, leaf blower, cutco clippers and smiles on their faces to help their daughter whip the backyard into this beautiful sight. After my parents left, I sat down in the middle of the yard and just admired all the lilac tree trimming, grass cutting (2 times, because it was so long), and edging. I cannot thank my parents enough for all they have done to make this happen!

Let’s just take a little peek back at what the yard looked liked when we purchased our corner bungalow.

Backyard Before

Backyard After

Backyard After my parents and I got our hands on it!  With all the rain I was able to dig up the “ditch lilies” and replace them with little black eye-ed Susan’s from my mom’s perennial garden.

We had a bonfire at 1pm to get rid of the old christmas tree and other un-stackable branches and organized the remaining wood into little neat piles.

I also added some blue shamrock squash in the front and rhubarb behind the beds. This corner of the yard is now called the ‘farm’. I can’t wait to post some yummy recipes during harvest time with my home-grown ingredients.


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