Heirloom Tomato’s

Hello Again! I have been a BUSY BEE this summer! I apologize for no posts in months! My fiance got back from an extended business trip in Taiwan and I have been spending many hours remodeling our home and putting long hours in my studio, designing accessories and all the little touches for my upcoming wedding in October!

I have been dying to post all the exciting cute creations I am making…BUT I am holding myself back so YOU can see them in their glory at the wedding.

So at the very least, here are some pictures of my beautiful heirloom tomatoes that are coming out of my little corner bungalow raised garden bed. Note to self, do not dump an entire black compost bin into a 4′ x 8′ garden bed unless you want your plants to overdose on nutrients! I am sure my neighbors think I injected some totally unnatural thing into my soil/plants. On the contrary I used our own compost/dirt that we made all last year and to top it off only planted heirlooms. You cannot bet the magnificent flavor they have.

All for now, but come late October keep  a look-out for all the fun wedding designs! I am SO looking forward to sharing!


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