Girl Scout Cookies!

After hearing about the “Great Snow Storm” that was going to hit the Midwest, I sit inside my corner bungalow and listen to the heavy rain drops hit our roof. Upon looking out my window I see the beautiful old tree’s that line the boulevard coated with ice and slick roads with no cars in sight. Tomorrow will be a fun walk to the bus-stop and commute to work…maybe my footwear should be hockey skates?? I just hope this is not another 1991 Halloween ice storm. I was trick or treating that year, so it would be a bit different this time around.

Even with the inclement weather outside my neighbor, also the sweetest girl scout, and snow cone extraordinaire came over to drop off the below little morsels. What a treat on such a cold icy night! I had to stop myself after 3. The Samoas are my favorite!

I also got two free snow cone certificates for the summer months for being a loyal customer. Last summer upon coming back from completing our wedding registry with my mom and sister in-law I saw Nick and his friend double fisting snow cones at her stand! So I will have to keep these free certificates hidden for myself otherwise I know a certain someone will be first in line with certificates in hand on opening day!


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