Wedding: Rock Climbing Bridal Party Snack

With the majority of the groomsmen being rock climbers I thought it would be fun to put some healthy hearty snacks in a climbing shoe box; well my climbing shoe box. Chris Sharma is even on the box, he is so studly.

Let’s just take a peek at a few of Nick’s climbing photos. These photos were taken on his extended stay 4 month assignment in Taiwan just a few months before our wedding. The actual photos are from Rai-lei and Tonsai Thailand when he said he was going to take a vacation to “research” honeymoon ideas. Well…this isn’t exactly what I had in mind…I think a nice spa sounds a bit more relaxing! Love the photos though. We are hoping to go to Thailand next spring to enjoy a tropical getaway.

While he was climbing in Thailand I was putting together the below.  Love this idea! It housed all the snacks for easy portability and ease. I even hinged it open with some yellow ribbon! I was beyond excited to show Nick how I incorporated the ‘climbing’ aspect into the wedding.


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