Wedding Prep House

For the past  year leading up to the wedding, I was surrounded by all the little wedding details in my design room. A few days leading up to the big day I had everything around me, I mean everything…6 packs of beer for the males in the wedding party, little german glass glitter birds, programs, 180+ hand written place cards, my wedding bible binder (check it out on the table) our wedding “card basket” made out of bike handle bars and a front basket,  our custom “guest book” made out of the BWCA map from our trip where Nick proposed, all the little sweet packages with flowers, ties, and so much more… 

I was a little sad to pack it all away, but…the next time it would be unpacked would be at our wedding! Which having that thought got me über excited!! Planning this wedding in mist of a massive renovation, and fiance out of the country definitely caused a few bumps, but like everyone kept telling me, everything happens for a reason. Looking back I grew as a person and was still able to design every last detail down to the little gems on the guest map.

Planning your very own wedding allows you to truly express your style and dream. Yes, we chose some quirky items in replacement of the standard typical wedding items…but those are the things that make a wedding define who you are and express your personality.  I love seeing all the fun diy and personal touches shine no matter the event!




One Comment to “Wedding Prep House”

  1. The map guestbook is super cool!!

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