Wedding: Seeing dad for the first time as a bride

After getting ready, we strolled downstairs for my dad to see me for the first time as a bride. I think it is just so special when you have this moment as a bride. You have been daddies little girl for your entire life and all of a sudden you become all grown up. I am the youngest of three and have seen both my brother and sister get married and always wondered what that feeling would be like. Well here it was upon me! I think my dad got a little glance at me in the lobby, while I believe my mom or brother quickly ushered him outside to make sure we had the official moment.

My dad and I have shared many amazing moments together, our annual dill pickle canning, gardening at the ‘farm’, taking a honeybee class (thinking we could actually have hives in our cities backyards….didn’t happen), and many more moments. I think the below moment will always stay at the top of the list. I was just so happy that entire day and I knew he felt the same way.

We then made our journey across the street to the James J Hill Reference Library where my soon to be husband was standing waiting for our ‘first look.’


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