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July 17, 2012

Wedding: ‘I Do’ Ceremony

I cannot believe that our 1 year anniversary is FAST approaching…well 3 months away. Below are the wonderful photos captured of our wedding ceremony. Seeing Nick at the end of the ‘aisle’ automatically triggered the biggest smile on my face. The photo of my mom below brings tears to my eyes just seeing how much love she has for her ‘little tiny baby’; that would be me! I am the last one of my brother and sister to get married. They should be very proud of how they have shaped us into young adults.  

I could not believe this day finally arrived, and I was going to officially marry my best friend the one who always brings a laugh and smile to my face. I love that our ceremony was truly us. The stories our pastor shared and the continuous  love throughout the room is exactly how I will remember this day.

Bridal Dress: Amy Michelson

Bridal Accessories: Designed by me, the bride: CornerBungalow

Grooms Accessories: Designed by me, the bride: CornerBungalow

Flowers: Appleblossom Floral

Grooms Suit: Saavi Formal Wear

Photographer: J. Rau Photography

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