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September 13, 2011

Heirloom Tomato’s

Hello Again! I have been a BUSY BEE this summer! I apologize for no posts in months! My fiance got back from an extended business trip in Taiwan and I have been spending many hours remodeling our home and putting long hours in my studio, designing accessories and all the little touches for my upcoming wedding in October!

I have been dying to post all the exciting cute creations I am making…BUT I am holding myself back so YOU can see them in their glory at the wedding.

So at the very least, here are some pictures of my beautiful heirloom tomatoes that are coming out of my little corner bungalow raised garden bed. Note to self, do not dump an entire black compost bin into a 4′ x 8′ garden bed unless you want your plants to overdose on nutrients! I am sure my neighbors think I injected some totally unnatural thing into my soil/plants. On the contrary I used our own compost/dirt that we made all last year and to top it off only planted heirlooms. You cannot bet the magnificent flavor they have.

All for now, but come late October keep  a look-out for all the fun wedding designs! I am SO looking forward to sharing!

June 28, 2011

Outdoor Beauty

These beautiful peonies were cut from our garden. I just love their beauty and amazing fresh sent that fills the house!

I went out to dinner with my parents the other day and found this amazing peony in someone’s backyard. I literally became obsessed with this stunning coral beauty. The name of this peony is Coral Charm.  I have been on search for this plant at my local nursery’s and unable to find anything! So I may just have to bite the bullet and order a plant online for next year.

Nick knows how much I love flowers and would rather have a plant like above than any elaborate cut arrangement…but when it comes to farmers market flowers he steals my heart with a local market bouquet.

Our first salad harvest from the garden. European Salad Blend.

June 1, 2011

Evolution of the outdoor Corner Bungalow

Can I capture this moment in time? I think our backyard looks the best it ever has. My parents are AWESOME!! After I mowed the grass with our old snapper and got mohawks…I think my parents felt a little pity on me. This past Sunday they came over with their shiny red mower, weed whipper, leaf blower, cutco clippers and smiles on their faces to help their daughter whip the backyard into this beautiful sight. After my parents left, I sat down in the middle of the yard and just admired all the lilac tree trimming, grass cutting (2 times, because it was so long), and edging. I cannot thank my parents enough for all they have done to make this happen!

Let’s just take a little peek back at what the yard looked liked when we purchased our corner bungalow.

Backyard Before

Backyard After

Backyard After my parents and I got our hands on it!  With all the rain I was able to dig up the “ditch lilies” and replace them with little black eye-ed Susan’s from my mom’s perennial garden.

We had a bonfire at 1pm to get rid of the old christmas tree and other un-stackable branches and organized the remaining wood into little neat piles.

I also added some blue shamrock squash in the front and rhubarb behind the beds. This corner of the yard is now called the ‘farm’. I can’t wait to post some yummy recipes during harvest time with my home-grown ingredients.

May 23, 2011

Raised Garden Bed and Bricks

This weekend has been filled with lots of decisions and beautiful things. First I met our plumber and contractor on Friday to finalize our unexpected home renovation due to ice dams this past winter. The renovation could not come soon enough after the massive storms we had this weekend. Thankfully my mom came over to get our yard nice and beautiful and more importantly get me more relaxed.

First step was to dig up the hostas along our yard. I went through two cast-off wooden handle shovels. One from each of our dad’s they deems not good enough, but passed them onto us because we did not have lawn gear. Now I know why they did not want them. So I cruised over to the hardware store and bought myself a lifetime guaranteed titanium shovel. Take that hostas!

After the success of our first raised bed, or should I say over planted first bed, my dad built me a second bed to ensure our plants have enough room to breath and grow.

Bunny proofed and planted raised garden beds, complete with a bluebird of happiness perched on the edge.

We added garden bricks to separate the grass from the backyard garden.

Complete with a pot of flowers on the rock.

Best vitamin’s for plants come from compost.

Next step…fill the empty pots with pretty flowers and herbs

May 10, 2011

Wedding Flowers in the…Growing

This past weekend I decided I needed to get my little succulents out on the porch for the prime growing season! After getting engaged last year, I quickly started accumulating little succulent plants. It all started when my fiance and I were on our Sunday night walk. We strolled past a house in our neighborhood that had  succulent plants for sale in the front yard. Sitting next to a huge beautiful jade plant was a little  kiwi succulent (green with pink tips).  I slipped the 50 cents in the mail slot on the door and we walked home while I chatted all about the grand plans for my kiwi succulent in my hand. Soon after that night the gathering, splitting and growing of succulents soon took over our porch. Due to the unique shapes and not typical wedding flowers I had in mind, my fiance was all for the succulent farm to begin.

My first trip of the season to the local nursery Leitner’s, I saw these beautiful “Living Art” arrangement and needed to capture the beauty.

If you are wondering “what could you do with those cactus looking plants for a wedding” … Here are some cute succulent wedding images for inspiration!


Succulent apothecary wood slices bark centerpieces vintage teapot vases

May 2, 2011

Heirloom Seeds..Become Plants

After a few weeks, little plants have emerged from our milk jugs with  Rouge Vif D-Etampes leading the pack. The crowded plants needed to get moved into individual biodegradable pots to allow further healthy growth.  Once again I believe I planted too many seeds this year. Pumpkins and Squash alone, we have well over 50 plants. Included in the count are: Squash Turks Cap, Squash Triamble, Squash Jumbo Pink Banana, Squash Long Island Cheese,  Rouge Vif D-Etampes Pumpkin, and Squash Atlantic Giant Pumpkin (growing to 800-1500 lbs!)  

Once the plants get big enough you will want to cut the top off. I have labeled the bottom half in the beginning to keep record of each plant.

Here is the gear:

  •  Biodegradable pots
  • Soil
  • Fork

1. Gently loosen the small plants inside the milk jug with an old fork keeping as much dirt with the plant as possible

2. Place one plant into biodegradable  pot

3. Fill with soil and water

4. Place biodegradable  pot directly into ground when ready to plant

April 27, 2011

Bachman’s Idea House 2011


This was my first time going to the Bachman’s Idea House and it most definitely will not be the last! This beautiful bungalow home is converted each season Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter with amazing floral arrangements and unique interior style. Here are a few pictures from the Spring 2011 Bachman’s Idea House.

Dining Room

Kitchen drawers converted to cute wall shelves to display essentials 

Kitchen wire baskets to hold cookbooks

Heat grates turned into picture frames and wall art

Boy bedroom. I am pretty sure our little boys bedroom one day will look very similar…

Boy bedroom with map lamps

Lawn fence turned into scarf display

Old spools hold vintage necklaces

Craft Room

Craft Room display

A new take on baseball

April 10, 2011

Starting Heirloom Seeds…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

After 6 months of having snow on the ground, my heirloom seeds are finally planted! Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds  have the best selection on rare heirloom seeds.  I have created little greenhouses out of milk jugs. More to come once little seedlings emerge!

  • Cut milk jugs in half and create 2 slits in the bottom for drainage
  • Fill jugs with dirt (I use an old coffee can)
  • Sprinkle seeds on top or slightly below the dirt surface, as indicated on the seed packet
  • Tape up jug
  • Label jugs on bottom half
  • Place jugs in crate for easy mobility
  • Use water sprayer to hydrate seeds daily
  • Watch until sprouts are big enough to remove top half of jug
  • Transport sprouts into larger containers or plant in ground
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