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March 20, 2012

Wedding: Getting Ready!

I am beyond excited to finally share our wedding photos. Yes, I have given glimpses of the design aspects, but here is the first chapter of the moments captured by J.Rau Photography. Every time I look at these photos a huge smile always falls across my face. This was truly the happiest day of my entire life. To have been surrounded by all my family and friends I love oh so dearly, and to walk down the aisle and say I DO to the man of my dreams.

I am getting Married! I kept thinking the entire day. My sister, maid of honor was besides herself the night before as we stayed at the St Paul Hotel. After counting sheep, and not being able to fall asleep, Jen sat up and started talking to me in the big sister calming manner no one can do except her. She instantly put me at ease, I was just SO excited to get married to Nick and could not fall sleep. I was never one bit nervous, I was just excited for Nick to see me in my dress, give him the official kiss, celebrate with our family and friends, and live happily ever after! It was going to be a party, and it for sure was a night to remember!

I love the bottom right photo. Me always fanning my face to hide the tears on the horizon while my mom tilts her head back in a laughing manner to keep the sweet tears inside.

March 13, 2012

Wedding: Rock Climbing Bridal Party Snack

With the majority of the groomsmen being rock climbers I thought it would be fun to put some healthy hearty snacks in a climbing shoe box; well my climbing shoe box. Chris Sharma is even on the box, he is so studly.

Let’s just take a peek at a few of Nick’s climbing photos. These photos were taken on his extended stay 4 month assignment in Taiwan just a few months before our wedding. The actual photos are from Rai-lei and Tonsai Thailand when he said he was going to take a vacation to “research” honeymoon ideas. Well…this isn’t exactly what I had in mind…I think a nice spa sounds a bit more relaxing! Love the photos though. We are hoping to go to Thailand next spring to enjoy a tropical getaway.

While he was climbing in Thailand I was putting together the below.  Love this idea! It housed all the snacks for easy portability and ease. I even hinged it open with some yellow ribbon! I was beyond excited to show Nick how I incorporated the ‘climbing’ aspect into the wedding.

February 24, 2012

Wedding Cake Toppers

After a whirlwind 2011, I am FINALLY getting back into my site! Nick and I ended it with a bang and finally got hitched! I am beyond excited to share our ideas, how they came to life and some beautiful photos captured by J.Rau Photography.

Our Goal was to create a unique personalized experience for our guests that made them think of ‘that is SO Nick and Jess’. My vision was to design and choose items the bridal party could wear again and integrate local and organic touches as much as possible.

Here is a little glimpse at my cake toppers.  I thought it would be fun to make little “mii” characters that replicate the two of us!  Nick ALWAYS wears his Orange Black Diamond cap whenever he is on some sort of outdoor adventure and I made a miniature version of my signature blue coat.

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