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May 2, 2011

Heirloom Seeds..Become Plants

After a few weeks, little plants have emerged from our milk jugs with  Rouge Vif D-Etampes leading the pack. The crowded plants needed to get moved into individual biodegradable pots to allow further healthy growth.  Once again I believe I planted too many seeds this year. Pumpkins and Squash alone, we have well over 50 plants. Included in the count are: Squash Turks Cap, Squash Triamble, Squash Jumbo Pink Banana, Squash Long Island Cheese,  Rouge Vif D-Etampes Pumpkin, and Squash Atlantic Giant Pumpkin (growing to 800-1500 lbs!)  

Once the plants get big enough you will want to cut the top off. I have labeled the bottom half in the beginning to keep record of each plant.

Here is the gear:

  •  Biodegradable pots
  • Soil
  • Fork

1. Gently loosen the small plants inside the milk jug with an old fork keeping as much dirt with the plant as possible

2. Place one plant into biodegradable  pot

3. Fill with soil and water

4. Place biodegradable  pot directly into ground when ready to plant

April 10, 2011

Starting Heirloom Seeds…

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After 6 months of having snow on the ground, my heirloom seeds are finally planted! Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds  have the best selection on rare heirloom seeds.  I have created little greenhouses out of milk jugs. More to come once little seedlings emerge!

  • Cut milk jugs in half and create 2 slits in the bottom for drainage
  • Fill jugs with dirt (I use an old coffee can)
  • Sprinkle seeds on top or slightly below the dirt surface, as indicated on the seed packet
  • Tape up jug
  • Label jugs on bottom half
  • Place jugs in crate for easy mobility
  • Use water sprayer to hydrate seeds daily
  • Watch until sprouts are big enough to remove top half of jug
  • Transport sprouts into larger containers or plant in ground
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