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March 22, 2012

Wedding: Seeing dad for the first time as a bride

After getting ready, we strolled downstairs for my dad to see me for the first time as a bride. I think it is just so special when you have this moment as a bride. You have been daddies little girl for your entire life and all of a sudden you become all grown up. I am the youngest of three and have seen both my brother and sister get married and always wondered what that feeling would be like. Well here it was upon me! I think my dad got a little glance at me in the lobby, while I believe my mom or brother quickly ushered him outside to make sure we had the official moment.

My dad and I have shared many amazing moments together, our annual dill pickle canning, gardening at the ‘farm’, taking a honeybee class (thinking we could actually have hives in our cities backyards….didn’t happen), and many more moments. I think the below moment will always stay at the top of the list. I was just so happy that entire day and I knew he felt the same way.

We then made our journey across the street to the James J Hill Reference Library where my soon to be husband was standing waiting for our ‘first look.’

March 20, 2012

Wedding: Getting Ready!

I am beyond excited to finally share our wedding photos. Yes, I have given glimpses of the design aspects, but here is the first chapter of the moments captured by J.Rau Photography. Every time I look at these photos a huge smile always falls across my face. This was truly the happiest day of my entire life. To have been surrounded by all my family and friends I love oh so dearly, and to walk down the aisle and say I DO to the man of my dreams.

I am getting Married! I kept thinking the entire day. My sister, maid of honor was besides herself the night before as we stayed at the St Paul Hotel. After counting sheep, and not being able to fall asleep, Jen sat up and started talking to me in the big sister calming manner no one can do except her. She instantly put me at ease, I was just SO excited to get married to Nick and could not fall sleep. I was never one bit nervous, I was just excited for Nick to see me in my dress, give him the official kiss, celebrate with our family and friends, and live happily ever after! It was going to be a party, and it for sure was a night to remember!

I love the bottom right photo. Me always fanning my face to hide the tears on the horizon while my mom tilts her head back in a laughing manner to keep the sweet tears inside.

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