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September 18, 2012

Wedding: Reception Magic

Over the last year, I have been able to pull together a small selection of photos that captured our wedding. Ending with the reception, this will be the last post of the Schleder wedding….for now that is! The mustard yellow table numbers, the glitter ‘Mr’ and ‘Mrs’ signs, to the bittersweet in the vases and everything in between was well thought out and executed perfectly by our vendors who have now become friends.

Seeing the emotion and happiness in the photos will always bring me back to that magical day. I love seeing my parents and how happy they are especially my proud dad during his speech! He gave me the greatest gift any girl could have asked for, after decades of smoking he made a promise to stop by the wedding and did an amazing job and it shows in the photos below. I only hope it will continue!

The reception like all other weddings was the ‘life’ of the wedding. Saying the celebration was a dance party would be an understatement. From my little 3-year-old nephew who threw down moves he most likely learned from his daddy to the dance off’s and groom’s sweat dripping off his shirt after I rung it out the next day! We even had friends and family tell us later they were sore from dancing all night!

If I could pick one special moment from the reception, I would choose the very last song. Our DJ, who was amazing btw thanks to the groom’s meticulous guidance and playlists  played ‘Piano Man’ by Billy Joel. The remaining crew that was still at the wedding gathered around us in a large circle while my handsome husband spun me around the dance floor. Seeing all of our amazing friends and family swaying from side to side around us made me burst with happiness and love. I feel truly grateful and blessed to have been able to celebrate our marriage exactly how I always dreamed it would be.


Bridal Dress: Amy Michelson

Bridal Accessories: Designed by me, the bride: CornerBungalow

Grooms Accessories: Designed by me, the bride: CornerBungalow

Flowers: Appleblossom Floral

Grooms Suit: Saavi Formal Wear

Photographer: J. Rau Photography

May 10, 2011

Wedding Flowers in the…Growing

This past weekend I decided I needed to get my little succulents out on the porch for the prime growing season! After getting engaged last year, I quickly started accumulating little succulent plants. It all started when my fiance and I were on our Sunday night walk. We strolled past a house in our neighborhood that had  succulent plants for sale in the front yard. Sitting next to a huge beautiful jade plant was a little  kiwi succulent (green with pink tips).  I slipped the 50 cents in the mail slot on the door and we walked home while I chatted all about the grand plans for my kiwi succulent in my hand. Soon after that night the gathering, splitting and growing of succulents soon took over our porch. Due to the unique shapes and not typical wedding flowers I had in mind, my fiance was all for the succulent farm to begin.

My first trip of the season to the local nursery Leitner’s, I saw these beautiful “Living Art” arrangement and needed to capture the beauty.

If you are wondering “what could you do with those cactus looking plants for a wedding” … Here are some cute succulent wedding images for inspiration!


Succulent apothecary wood slices bark centerpieces vintage teapot vases

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