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July 1, 2011

Before and After: Studio / Sewing Room

Make Shift Before:

I had to move everything out of my room for the floor and ceiling repairs. Then got a phone call that there would be construction delays so this is what I have. Note to self, take pictures before you start moving things out.

Sewing Room: After

The floors look so amazing! I cannot belive how light and beautiful they are. After 86 years they needed a clean-up and wow do they look great. I can’t wait to start designing beautiful things in my new space. First thing on the list will be to find some cool piece of art or storage piece for the  blank wall space.


Sewing Station


Closet Storage

Pressing Station

Just a few more tie to go for the wedding. The beautiful sunflower wool is for the studly grooms tie! Then on to hairpiece’s for the gals. Stay tuned.

May 25, 2011

Plaid Ties for Groomsmen

 Once I said I wanted plaid ties for the groomsmen in our wedding my friends and family thought it was a cute idea. Then I said I was going to design and sew all 9 of them and order wool plaid fabric from Scotland,  I got a few crazy looks!

I have never made a tie before, but how hard could it be! The hardest part and most time-consuming was kneeling on the hardwood floors cutting  each individual piece because the fabric has to be on the bias.

I have one officially completed and  8 more to sew. The guys are going to be SO handsome! I can’t wait until October to see all of them together!

Completed tie on my mannequin

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